Auto Detailing &
Business Fleet Washing

Welcome to Clean Fleet Inc.  Here at CFI we specialize in business fleet washing and car detailing.  We are a mobile operation so we will bring our equipment to your house or place of business and wash your vehicle or fleet on the spot.  We offer many different services related to your vehicle or fleet and different levels of service to fit your specific needs.  We have worked on big trucks, luxury vehicles, even airplanes. 


Our main services available to you are business fleet washing and car detailing.  For detailing we offer interior and exterior services.  Interior services include vacuuming, stain removal, detail cleanse your plastic, leather, or vinyl surfaces, streak-free glass cleaning, protect your cars surfaces from UV damage, and great additional service add-on’s.  Exterior services include deep tire cleanse, detailing door jambs, polishing, waxing, headlight lens restoration, washing, and much, much more! 




About Clean Fleet

    A number of years ago, I (Curtis Denlinger) was headed to Kansas to attend Hesston College to pursue a degree in business.  After applying for many jobs and landing multiple, the paychecks slowly started coming in.  For those of you who have worked limited hours at minimum wage jobs, you can imagine the shocking amount of each monthly paycheck.  After some frustration thinking that I was bad at money management, I came to the realization that in order to be good at money management, you need to have “money” to manage.  After considering many options, two became realities.  Car detailing and photography became a regular part of my schedule. 
    In true college fashion, Curtis Denlinger Detailing's first job was conducted as a barter.  One Black Dodge Ram was washed in exchange for a meal at McDonald’s.  From then on, two or more Saturday mornings each month were spent detailing someone’s car from the Hesston community. 
    In one of his many books, Robert Kiyosaki says something along the lines of, “Starting a new business doesn’t always require thinking of a brand-new product or service. Sometimes you just need to find an old idea and figure out how to do it better!” That has been my objective since day one of Curtis Denlinger Detailing, and it continues to be our ambition today at Clean Fleet Inc. We strive to do a great job detailing your car, once finished you would be disappointed that you didn’t have a picture to remember the day your car was brought back to near showroom condition.
    That same care we use on personal vehicles is the same care we bring to your business location to wash your fleet. While eight years ago this business was born out of the want to stock my dorm room with more than Ramen, now it has flourished into a community product. A community full of cars and trucks that look brand-new, no matter the age!

    This video highlights some of the work we have done over the past few months. It includes fleets from Heacock Lumber, Eagles Peak Spring Water, 60+ cars we washed for a teacher appreciation gift at a school in Philadelphia, and a van we detailed.


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